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Sunny by AnimeFreak1998 Sunny :iconanimefreak1998:AnimeFreak1998 2 0 I can't make hearts by AnimeFreak1998 I can't make hearts :iconanimefreak1998:AnimeFreak1998 0 0 Kissu Wo Shitai by AnimeFreak1998 Kissu Wo Shitai :iconanimefreak1998:AnimeFreak1998 3 3 Ashestoashesjc by AnimeFreak1998 Ashestoashesjc :iconanimefreak1998:AnimeFreak1998 5 6 The Trolls Family by AnimeFreak1998 The Trolls Family :iconanimefreak1998:AnimeFreak1998 3 7 Spence x Lill by AnimeFreak1998 Spence x Lill :iconanimefreak1998:AnimeFreak1998 3 11 We Can Dream Too by AnimeFreak1998 We Can Dream Too :iconanimefreak1998:AnimeFreak1998 1 13 Meow by AnimeFreak1998 Meow :iconanimefreak1998:AnimeFreak1998 2 8 Just Relax by AnimeFreak1998 Just Relax :iconanimefreak1998:AnimeFreak1998 2 5 Hello There by AnimeFreak1998 Hello There :iconanimefreak1998:AnimeFreak1998 0 11 Her Pond by AnimeFreak1998 Her Pond :iconanimefreak1998:AnimeFreak1998 1 4 Gold Fish! by AnimeFreak1998 Gold Fish! :iconanimefreak1998:AnimeFreak1998 2 0 The One and Only by AnimeFreak1998 The One and Only :iconanimefreak1998:AnimeFreak1998 1 3 Can You See Me? by AnimeFreak1998 Can You See Me? :iconanimefreak1998:AnimeFreak1998 2 8 Look That Way by AnimeFreak1998 Look That Way :iconanimefreak1998:AnimeFreak1998 1 0 It's Snack Time by AnimeFreak1998 It's Snack Time :iconanimefreak1998:AnimeFreak1998 3 6
Well my art work isn't as great as the ones I favourited but they're still okay looking... I hope o-o;;


Space Weaver by hypherrr Space Weaver :iconhypherrr:hypherrr 40 6 Mecha by hypherrr Mecha :iconhypherrr:hypherrr 13 0 Keith by hypherrr Keith :iconhypherrr:hypherrr 214 16 Protagonists by hypherrr Protagonists :iconhypherrr:hypherrr 13 2 Atlas Outfits by hypherrr Atlas Outfits :iconhypherrr:hypherrr 16 3 Reach by hypherrr Reach :iconhypherrr:hypherrr 29 8 Art Trade by hypherrr Art Trade :iconhypherrr:hypherrr 17 5 Flame Boy by hypherrr Flame Boy :iconhypherrr:hypherrr 38 3 Young Immortal by hypherrr Young Immortal :iconhypherrr:hypherrr 27 7 Maverick by hypherrr Maverick :iconhypherrr:hypherrr 7 0 Atlas by hypherrr Atlas :iconhypherrr:hypherrr 83 13 Prince Elias by hypherrr Prince Elias :iconhypherrr:hypherrr 11 2 Young King by hypherrr Young King :iconhypherrr:hypherrr 29 0 Veronique by hypherrr Veronique :iconhypherrr:hypherrr 13 0 Tobias Concept by hypherrr Tobias Concept :iconhypherrr:hypherrr 10 0 Arcane Awakening by hypherrr Arcane Awakening :iconhypherrr:hypherrr 15 1
Go right ahead and look through these art work ^U^ They're amazing OUOb



This account is d e a d


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Juar-X Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Hi Animefreak! I hope you still remember me since its been such a long time -.-
Anyways, I was looking through my stuff (on DA) and I noticed you were still posting :D

I'm currently not drawing much myself, but hey, keep up the good work!

A friend.
AnimeFreak1998 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013
And thanks buddy :D
Just getting motivated lately...? LOL idk ( ' 3 ' )
Chat me up sometimes [: Tell me how high school is treating ya .3.

A friend
LimShana-chan Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been here so many times D:
haha thanks for yet another fave :3
AnimeFreak1998 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012
xDD no problem~~~
LimShana-chan Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
back here again :3 thanks for the faves buddy :D
AnimeFreak1998 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
Sure thing ;DD
LimShana-chan Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the faves :D
and just so you know...
those 2 stories aren't the surprise I had for you x)
LimShana-chan Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the watch buddy :D In a little while Imma post something that might be of interest to you ;) so be waiting
AnimeFreak1998 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012
okay ouob!
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